Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nike + ipod

I'm able to hear my distance, pace, and time with my Nike Plus. While your on your run it speaks to and tells you the miles and distance left in the headphones, it's very convenient. But, if you feel the need to see you distance at a specific time, then you can just scroll, and you can see it.


  1. Good luck and it will take some time to get to the ultra distance. Enjoy the trails so to speak and everything will come.

    This years WS is going to be a real race for the top male runners. Some new faces on the womens side.

    The likes of Dean Karnazes will be there but there are much better runners and peronsalities than Mr. Karnazes. He just writes about himself more than anyone I know. If you get to the race be sure to check out Foresthill Aid Station and my running club manages the Devils Thumb aid...Michigan Bluff is a great plae to see the race and runners unfold aftr the climbs in the canyons. Though it is fun to follow the elites some of the average run of the mill runners in states have very intersting stories to sure to encourage them that day...Tony Lafferty
    Western States 2010

  2. Thanks for posting a comment I haven't been getting alot of attention so far. And if I go to the WS race I'll be sure to check out the Foresthill Aid Station and the Devils Thumb aid. PS. Watch out for me in the later Western States races, that's my goal, and mabey some Badwater.