Sunday, March 1, 2009

The start of Track

The 2009 track season for CHS has just started.  We had our first meet on Feb 25, 2009.  We had a duel against one of the local schools, Cherokee High School.  On the girls side, they won by about 40 points, but on the boys side we lost by 4.  Chris A. got a new schools record for the 400, 52.27!  And Landry got 4:45 on his mile, 2:05.5 on the 800.  On that race he broke the 800 record by .14 middle seconds. There were some really fast guys in the 100, A.J. Redwine got 10.71. Over all, it was a great start to the 2009 season.

Girl Results

Boy Results

I did ok.  I got 2:37 for the 800.  I have never done that short of a distance before, and I could barely hold my arms up on the last 400. The second half of the race is all upper body.  That’s were the planks and pushups come in. In the 3200 I got 12:29, which is ok but for the season I am aiming for under 11:50.  I also did the high jump, but it didn’t work out so well. The starting height was taller than me.  But I did get half of my body over, then landed with the bar to my back.  At my school no-one has ever gotten over the bar in 8th grade so I am going to try to go for the record.

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